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November 2011: Welcome
Black History Month

2/1/2011 7:11:31 PM

Black History Month is an exciting time of learning! We are reminded of how far we've
come as a nation, as a people, and as individuals. Some believe that
Black History Month is just about the history of black people but I disagree.
Black History Month is about being inclusive and shining the light on
many of the forgotten  to reveal a more complete story . Yes, it shines
the light on the history of black people but those stories include the
injustice AND partnership that has created the world we inhabit today;
a world that may not be where it ought to be but thank God it's not where it used to be.

February is an opportunity to learn a more balanced view of history.
The stories of triumph and insight can be inspiring lessons for everybody.
So I hope you have a great February and learn new and fascinating things
about the people who shaped the world we live in today; like Lucy Terry,
the woman who authored the oldest known piece of African American
literature when she was only 16 and enslaved. She was taken from Africa
when she was a baby and sold into slavery and married a free black man
who purchased her freedom when she was 26. Lucy Terry was also the
first African American woman to argue a case before the Supreme Court
of the United States and she won!

Now wasn't that fascinating!? Well, as an author, I thought it was pretty
phenomenal discovering the author of the oldest known piece of African
American literature.

I'm looking forward to conducting school visits this month and I've prepared
an exciting presentation to celebrate Black History Month. To the students
of Barber Middle and Northview High, thank you for inviting me to share in
your celebrations and I look forward to seeing you soon.

January flew by in a blur. That means Clumsy CurlZ is a month old on Youtube.
She now has 5 videos posted and should be adding a 6th video very soon.
CLICK HERE to view her videos on natural hair care and feel free to leave a comment.

Progress on Ascend (book 3 of my trilogy) has pretty much been at a stand still
but I'm hoping to give it my full attention after February in the hopes of posting
an excerpt. There will be storyline reveals through Youtube video of Clumsy CurlZ
but I realize some readers would prefer a more traditional excerpt so I want
to honor that as well.

In light of all the people rising up around the world demanding human rights,
my prayers that you achieve your goal in peace. During this time of
Black History Month, I thought it appropriate to post quotes from a king
who tirelessly fought for human rights.

A riot is the language of the unheard. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
The time is always right to do the right thing. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.



2/6/2011 7:43:38 PM
Name: Chereace       Subject: ascend      

thank you ms. mcnair i look forward to the excerpt :)

I'm seriously buckling down after February, Chereace = ] ~ WRM