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Common Page
November 2011: Welcome
In the Cave!

3/2/2011 12:50:04 PM

I'm happy to announce that I'm In the Cave!  That's just a primitive way of saying
that I'm in writing mode; at least that's how my husband
refers to my writing time.  I usually have to clear my calendar
to ensure I have no distractions from writing. My process is
to immerse myself in the story over several months which
helps me create the best story.

As an author I don't just write. I have several roles which
include graphic designer, marketer, and writer. The first
two roles take up a lot of my time, pulling me away from
my favorite role, writing. So I'm thrilled it's time for me to
go into the cave and create.

I'm working on Ascend, book three of my trilogy and hope
to have a preview ready soon. In the mean time, I'll share
a little of my writing process. The way I write is almost like
connect the dots. First I imagine several major scenes of
the story. It's not exactly an outline; just crucial events or
landmarks in the story. I daydream to fill in the story between
the landmarks. So even though I currently know some of
the major events of the story, I don't know the whole story.
I have to daydream it into being and this process is pure
joy for me.

Thank you to my family for your support and my readers for
your feedback. My writing journey has many frustrations but
being in the cave makes it worthwhile. I'll try to get in at least
4 hours of writing a day; sometimes more and sometimes
less. Feel free to comment; it's very encouraging to my work.
Since previews aren't currently available, I'll answer some
questions about Ascend. Please 
Click Here to post your questions
about the story so that spoilers won't be revealed to readers
who don't want to see them. Plus all the information is stored
in one place for the convenience of readers who do want to know.

Also, you still have time to enter the name a character contest.
Click Here to post your entry. I'll select a winner and announce
the character name when the Ascend excerpt is released. The
excerpt may even include a scene with the character in it.
Good Luck!

Click Here to view an inspirational and emotional Youtube video
that will inspire you never to give up on yourself or your education.


7/24/2011 11:49:26 AM
Name: Mario      Subject:  SUBJ1      

Wanna to thank you for interesting articles dude. Keep writing

Thanks, Mario. I do my best. ~ WRM

7/23/2011 4:49:46 PM
Name: arnie      Subject: SUBJ1      

I have bookmarked wendyravenmcnair.com for future referrence

Thanks, Arnie! Much appreciated. ~ WRM

7/14/2011 3:38:10 PM
Name: Sandman       Subject: SUBJ1       

wendyravenmcnair.com is my favorite site now! Thanks

You're welcome, Sandman. Glad you like it. ~ WRM

3/18/2011 4:12:22 PM
Name: Shay       Subject: can't wait      

just finished reading the first two and CAN'T WAIT for the third!
hope to see that preview soon

Thank you, Shay! Glad you enjoyed
Asleep and Awake and an excerpt
from Ascend is coming VERY soon. ~ WRM

3/3/2011 3:43:59 PM
Name: Chereace      Subject: ascend       

im so glad. can't wait. thank you! :D

Thank you, Chereace, for the encouragement! ~ WRM