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November 2011: Welcome
Dreams - Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

9/2/2011 6:50:31 AM

My family and I journeyed to
Washington D. C. over the Labor Day weekend to visit the recently completed
King memorial. My husband has been anticipating this trip  for months but I
must admit, my reaction was more tempered because we're currently located
in Atlanta which has a national historic site dedicated to Dr. King. I've toured
King's birth home, church and the King Center, viewed film and audio
clips of King's civil rights crusade, and stood in reverent silence at his final
resting place.

What more could I learn traveling all the way to D. C., fighting traffic and
weathering thunderstorms, that I didn't already have access to here in
Atlanta? What I learned was profound and I'm glad I made the trip and
encourage all to do the same. I discovered King's reach is infinite through
us. King's life spanned from humble beginnings, in Atlanta, Georgia, born
at home in an upstairs bedroom to a monument in the capital of our nation
and beyond through entrepreneurs, astronauts, and now, even a president.

The D. C. memorial contains quotes from King over his life time, etched into
stone. The center piece of the memorial is a giant statue of Dr. King; a man of
dreams looking in contemplation out over a body of water. As I stood before
King's statue, I thought how tragic that his life was cut short and he didn't get
to see his family grow or witness the first black president of the USA. I am
grateful for what his sacrifice has brought to this nation and the world but
saddened by the ultimate price he paid. The King memorial filled me with
hope because I see his dream expanding  intinitely into the future.

I have my own dream, a simpler dream than Dr. King's. I tell fantasy stories that
entertain, inspire, and share the diversity of African American culture. My dream is
that my stories encourage others to pursue their dreams. What are your dreams?
[Click HERE to view my King memorial video].

I'd like to take this time to remember the victims of the 911 attacks. The 10th anniversary
of this tragedy is approaching and I am awed by the human resilience and pray for
our nation and our world.


4/16/2012 11:56:02 AM
Name: fgqj      Subject:  SUBJ1     

Hi Whats up?

Hi fgqj,
Just planning for my Africa trip and working on Ascend.
What's up with you? ~ WRM

11/7/2011 11:10:53 PM
Name:  Alexis     Subject:  Dreams     

I am happy that you and your family got a chance to go and see the King statue in Washington. I hope one day that me and my family will be able to stand in front of that 30ft masterpiece of a great man, with remarkable dreams. I am happy that your dreams are to make other people want to pursue theirs dreams. My dreams are to make a positive mark in this world, and try to change people lives, by sending them on a getaway. Once again thanks for being you, and doing what you do with your stories.

Alexis, you are already fulfilling your dream because
you have truly made a positive mark on me. Your posts
have lifted my spirits when I needed it so thank you
for being you. May your life surpass your dreams and
be bigger and brighter than you ever imagined. ~ WRM

11/2/2011 8:00:13 AM
Name: Scott      Subject:  .......     

Totally along with a very facinating post to stumble at about this awesome website. Almost never post some reply only now i just did not resist ! <<1

I appreciate your enthusiasm, Scott, even though
I don't quite understand your words. Thanks for
posting. ~ WRM