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Common Page
November 2011: Welcome
BARBER Middle School

1/6/2011 11:24:27 AM

Welcome Barber Middle School!
Thank you for inviting me to share Black History month with you. I created
this blog post just for you. Feel free to post your questions and comments
here and I'll address them when I visit.

Click the following topics to preview a few things my presentation covers:
Author (My Journey)
Writing (Excerpt)
Graphic design
Readers' Guide

For fun, you can visit Clumsy CurlZ on her Youtube channel. She's a 
character from the book I'm currently working on [Ascend, book 3]
and I brought her to life on Youtube 
CLICK HERE. She posts videos
about natural hair care but remember, she is a character so if you
post comments to her, it may end up in my book, Ascend, as part
of the story.

If you have questions you'd like me to address during my author
visit, click 
COMMENTS and post your questions or comments and
remember do NOT post your full name. Use your initials or just
your first name or a made up name for your safety here on the Internet.

See you in February!


2/6/2011 4:14:47 PM
Name: Marybeth      Subject:  Asleep      

Thank you so much for bringing the first two books of the trilogy to Barber to sell! I'm really enjoying the first book! I'm a fairly slow reader, so I am only on about chapter four or five, but I am already hooked! Thanks again for the books and I can't wait to read Awake and, soon, Ascend! You have inspired me to continue writing my own stories. Thanks again!

Young writer

Thank you for your kind words, Marybeth.
All the best to you on your literary journey. ~ WRM

2/3/2011 12:03:09 PM
Name:  Mrs. Rhyant's 4th Period     Subject:  Author's Visit     

More Questions:
1. Who/What inspired you to become a writer? (Solomon)
2. Where did you attend college? (Alex M.)
3. Do you have any other works beside the trilogy? (Sarah)
4. With no disrespect, did the twilight series inspire you to write Asleep? (Inquiring Minds)
5. How was it like to live as an African-American girl during your times? (Michelle)
6. What is the process of writing one of your books? (Billy)
7. What do you do when you get writer's block and also what is your favorite color? (Chase, the humorous one)
8. What were your grades when you attended high school? (Solomon) 
9. How much did it cost to publish your book? (Peggy)
10. Was it difficult to find publishing companies willing to publish your works? (Chloe)
That is enough for now. It is time for us to indulge into our wonderful lunches. However, we are very excited to be in your company tomorrow.

Mrs. Rhyant & class,
You were a great audience.
Thank you for your time and attention.
All the best to you in your studies. ~ WRM

2/3/2011 11:02:56 AM
Name: Mrs. Rhyant's 3rd Period    Subject: Author's Visit        

We are so ecstatic to have you join us tomorrow. We are eagerly awaiting to hear about your books and your journey to becoming an astounding writer. 
Taylor and several others would like a few details about your books. Cain inquires about the process of writing a book- all the trials and errors.
Marybeth (& others)-How do you become a writer and publish a book?
Ashona & Karla-What inspired you to write such books as Awake?
Hedaya-What were your career plans before becoming a writer?
Mrs. Rhyant would definitely like to know the completion date of Ascend so that she can read Awake without having to wait in suspense for months.

Mrs. Rhyant & class,
Thank you for all your wonderful questions.
I hope I answered them all satisfactorily.
I enjoyed celebrating Black History Month with you all. ~ WRM