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Welcome Students!
For a jump start on my visit please read the following.

My name is Wendy Raven McNair and I'm an author and graphic designer. Here you'll be able to prepare for my school visit by answering a few questions and you can also enter a contest below.

Let's see how much you already know about my career.

1) What training or education do you think I needed to prepare for my career as an author or a graphic designer?

2) What do you envision a typical day in the life of a writer or graphic designer is like?

3) List the steps an author may take to write or publish a story.

4) What are digital images? Give examples.

5) Proof - Maquette - Draft: How are they similar?

CHARACTER NAMES: I'm always searching for fun and unusual character names. For a chance to name a character in a future novel, visit my
welcome blog and enter a character name in the comments. Make sure you type "character name" in the Subject box then type your suggested character name in the Comment box. You may see that name as a character in one of my future stories.
Good Luck!

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Student Quotes:

I hope you come to visit more at Harrison before I graduate. ~ RW (Harrison High)

Thank you so much for coming in and talking to us and giving us an inside look on the world of an author. ~ RF (Harrison High)

It was a great experience and I hope to see you again. ~ BA (Harrison High)

I just wanted to say thank you for coming in and talking to us. ~ KN (Harrison High)