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November 2011: Welcome
Farewell to "O"

6/1/2011 9:26:37 AM

I didn't realize how much I would miss the
Oprah Winfrey show. I wasn't the kind of viewer who desperately needed
to see every single episode but I always checked the guide for topics
that interested me and made sure I recorded them. Since I wasn't a
daily Oprah show addict, why am I having withdrawal symptoms now
that the show has ended after a 25 year run?

I finally realize why; because Oprah's life is a great American story.
And as an author, I love a great story. What Oprah represented to me
was more than just another talk show host. She was a living, breathing,
5-day-a-week, public example of the impossible made possible. Her
life was a fairytale that unfolded before my eyes to entertain, inspire, and
teach me to always move toward the light.

Oprah was born into an environment where her race and gender were
severe strikes against her. As a black woman and the mother of a black
girl, I am deeply moved by Oprah's story. Despite her many challenges,
beginning in childhood, Oprah worked hard and achieved a level of
success that borders on the mythical. What a gift her story is to me,
my daughter, and many others who witness her extraordinary life;
a life that exemplifies what human beings are capable of.

Why is Oprah so inspirational? Is it because she's perfect? No; she
freely admits that she isn't. It's because she's fearless in pursuing her
dreams and in being herself.

She made it without parading around half naked, without starving herself
to an unnatural size, and without salacious or hateful topics. She learned 
from her mistakes and used the lessons as topics to improve her show
and educate her viewers. Regardless of her outward appearance, Oprah
was successful and number one in her field. We witnessed her undergo
many physical transformations struggling with her weight yet she was a
success at any size. Bonus point: The Oprah show was predominantly
staffed by women and was rated number one for a quarter of a century.
So to all of you young ones out there; Go girl power!

Oprah's life is the ultimate Yes You Can! Her life says you are worthy
regardless of what others think of your looks, your race, your gender, or
where you come from. You are worthy because you are a creation of God.
Always seek the light, be a light, and spread light.

So that is what I miss; the gift of having a front row seat to a magnificent
story - the daily reminder of the miracle of Oprah.

I miss her voice but I realize I have a voice. I try to use my voice in my
stories to inspire people the way Oprah used her show. You also have
a voice. So, how are you using your voice, gifts, and talents to inspire others? 
You are worthy and your gifts are needed now more than ever. The diversity of
our gifts are in great demand so please be a light; pursue your dreams.

In honor of the pursuit of dreams, I'd like to share an opportunity for aspiring
Click ONYXCON for details on a writing contest in which I'm one of
the judges. The deadline is June 30th so don't delay. Good luck!


9/28/2011 11:17:59 PM
Name: escogsHot      Subject:  hi nice all day     

Hey, where long-lost? 

Sorry, Escogshot, I don't understand your question. 

Please clarify and I'll gladly answer. ~ WRM

9/21/2011 4:58:48 AM
Name: PatrickJNK      Subject:very nice gbook       

where you celebrate the new year? 

Hi PatrickJNK,
I haven't made plans for the New Year yet so
suggestions are welcome. ~ WRM

6/4/2011 8:31:27 PM
Name: Zara      Subject:  aww     

I love oprah and all....but i was kind of lookin' forward to another exerpt :(
ahh well...
wish i was good at writing...that looks like fun!

 My apologies, Zara. I didn't mean to
disappoint. To make up for it, I'll try to put
out a long excerpt next time. Writing is
fun but sometimes other obligations
interfere. Thanks for hanging in there. ~ WRM