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November 2011: Welcome
November 2011: Welcome

11/3/2010 5:42:55 AM


Welcome to my new Blog! I'll post writing updates and other topics of interest
at least once a month. Feel free to chime in because if we all put in our two cents,
we'll all become richer.  All I ask is that you keep it clean and respectful because
this is a family friendly blog.

Thank you to all of my readers for purchasing my work, sending your comments,
and reviewing my books. I hope my stories lift you as high as you lift me.

I'm currently working on ASCEND, book 3 of the Asleep trilogy. Book 2, AWAKE,
is now out so I've been pulled away from writing quite a bit to promote that release.
I didn't include a preview of my next book in the back of AWAKE like I did with ASLEEP
so if you want a preview of ASCEND,  leave a comment requesting one.
I plan on rolling out a media project related to the Asleep trilogy very soon so check back for that.

I have several book signings scheduled for the remainder of this year so I hope
those of you in Atlanta will come out and bring friends and family to celebrate the
release of AWAKE. And for those of you not in Atlanta, let your Atlanta locals know
so they'll attend on your behalf. Check my home page for my calendar events.

What are your interests? The Asleep trilogy or my other projects - writing in general - publishing
Or if you have a blog topic suggestion, please post them because I'd like to discuss things
you're interested in. I'll try to end my blogs with something humorous, thoughtful, inspirational,
or a literary quote. Today, I'll supply three of the endings and give you a crack at one.

The janitor at a girls school complained to the principal
that the girls were stopping in the restrooms between
classes to refresh their makeup and then before leaving
they would kiss the mirror with their freshly lipstick-coated
lips before going to class. By the end of the day, the janitor
had several restrooms with mirrors covered with lip prints
that took him an extra long time to clean. The principal shared
a solution with the janitor and he agreed with a smile. At the
end of the next day she had all the girls meet with her and
the janitor in one of the restrooms and stated:
"Girls, our janitor works very hard to keep our school looking
beautiful for us so once you know what he goes through to
maintain our school, I'm sure you'll do the right thing to help
him out."
Then she nodded at the janitor who pulled out a squeegee,
stepped back into a stall and dipped the squeegee in a toilet
bowl then proceeded to squeegee the lipstick covered mirror.
(Overheard anywhere in the world)
1st person - I'm a failure.
2nd person - What did you try to accomplish?
1st person - Nothing. I was afraid I would fail.


Let there be light. ~ God
(The Bible - Genesis 1:3)

5/30/2012 6:44:48 PM
Name: Nia K.      Subject: Hi !      

Who are your main characters Adisa and Micah based on ? I wish that some guys chould have the traits that Micah has in the book series.He is a type of guy girls dream of and should want for themselves in real life. I am very please with your series and applaud you not being a writer that people typically expects. You add your own unique style to African-American teen Fiction novels and in teen books in general.Fro reading your first two books in the trilogy,I caught a lot of Christian undertones in the series.Are you saved ?Have you ever thought of developing African-American Christian Sci-Fi series? I thank you for all that you do.
Peace and Blessings

Hi Nia K,
Yes, I am Christian. I try to write the kind of YA story that
I'd like my teen daughter to read. Adisa and Micah aren't
based on any specific individuals. They are good people
who have flaws but try to overcome their short comings.
No, I've never considered writing Christian fiction but it
would certainly be a worthy challenge. ~ WRM

2/9/2012 6:36:42 PM
Name: liliy      Subject: how      

hi mrs.mcnair i'm so sorry i haven't deen talking to you i been realy realy busy how is the new awsome book coming and when is it coming

Hi Liliy. No apologies necessary. School is a priority you
shouldn't neglect. Ascend is coming along well but I can't
reliably predict a release date until after my Africa trip which
is in August. I posted a short story (unrelated to Ascend) so
if you'd like to read that click The Eternals. ~ WRM

1/9/2012 7:54:47 PM
Name: liliy      Subject: What is      

Msr.mcnair what is the character name contest?

Hi Liliy, the character name contest is just an opportunity
for fans to suggest character names for any of my future
novels. It's actually not a real contest. Thanks for bringing
that to my attention. ~ WRM

1/9/2012 7:50:06 PM
Name: liliy      Subject:  hey     

hey mrs.mcnair sorry i havent talk to you i a long time i'm been very very busy i wanted to tell Happy New Year and seance it's 2012 what mouth do think you will publish the new and awsome book of your 

P.S. Tina said Happy New Year too

Hi Liliy. Great to hear from you. You're my first
poster in 2012!  Happy New Year to you and Tina,
I hope it's your best year ever. I still don't know
the exact release date for Ascend but it will be
well after my Africa trip scheduled for August of
this year. Ascend is currently undergoing a major
revision because the story completely jumped
the tracks. It'll take a major re-write to steer it
back on course. ~ WRM

11/17/2011 7:22:46 PM
Name: liliy and tina      Subject: thanksgiving      

hi mrs.mcnair i wanted to tell u to have a great thanksgiving for u and your family and my god bless your family,you and your awsome books

p.s i hand to write onther one because i messed up so read this one

Hi Liliy & Tina, I hope you both had a wonderful Thanksgiving with
your family. I had a peaceful and very rejuvenating Thanksgiving.
My apologies for not getting back sooner but I took a much longer
break than I'd intended. Thank you both for your continued support
and posts. ~ WRM

11/17/2011 7:15:27 PM
Name:  liliy     Subject:  thanksgiving     

hi msr.mcnair i wanted to tell u to have agreat thanksgiving for your family and u and may god bless u and you asome books

 ~ WRM

11/3/2011 8:24:23 PM
Name: liliy      Subject: how      

hi mrs.mcnair sorry have not take to u for a long time i have been busy so how is acsend coming. also for hallowween my little sister drees up like u and i was adisa .

p.s if acsend is coming good do u think u can finesh this year

Liliy, you keep my husband and I laughing with your
posts. Thank you, they are a joy to read. I wish I could've
seen you and your sister in your costumes; just thinking
about it has me grinning from ear to ear. I'll be posting
an update on the progress of Asend in this month's blog
post later today. I hope you and your sister are doing well
in school. All the best to you both. ~ WRM

10/8/2011 7:03:06 PM
Name: liliy      Subject:  how     

hey ms.mcnair how is acsend coming

Ascend is coming slowly but steadily, Liliy.  ~ WRM

10/3/2011 10:36:07 PM
Name: liliy      Subject:  about you     

mc.mcnair a lot of people ask about the book that u wrote wat i wat to know is u and my bother he said how old r u. also were was u born and y did u become a writer wat insper u to write wonderful books

p.s r u maried if u arn't i know some people so if want someone tell me know lol lol

Liliy, my husbandd and I had a good laugh from this.
Thank you for your interest in being my match-maker
but I'm already married and I have a "one man at a time"
policy. Regarding your other questions...
Age: Old enouth to be the mother of a teen plus I have
a sister who is a grandmother so by extension, I'm also
old enough to be a grandmother.
Birth Place: Houston, Texas
Inspiration as a Writer: Three things, 
the details.
Thank you for your kind gesture, Liliy, you're a little
sweetheart. I hope I answered all of your questions. ~ WRM

10/2/2011 2:48:24 PM
Name: liliy      Subject:  movie     

mc mcnair i have one avies for u when your books become the best in the world make it into a movie that all i have to say and if u can't oferd it i'll tell people to doniet. i want it to be the best movie in the world

Liliy that's so sweet of you to say. I was actually contacted
by an independent film producer about a year after Asleep
was released. So I'm definitely open to making that happen. ~ WRM

9/28/2011 9:25:10 PM
Name: lilly      Subject: thanke you      

omg i am taking to ms.mcnair i love your books i read asleep 4 times and read awake 10 times i love them so much they r my favrit book ms.mcnair u insprend me to read agina i never raed but whene i read your books rading became a fun again so thank you so so much for that also one more thing take your time on ascend i want it to be the best book on earth whene i'am the frist one to read it

p.s my little sis read your book awake and she only six so thank you for that to ms.mcnair have a woderful day

Lilly! I'm so touched that my story inspired you to start
reading again. Keep it up, there are many wonderful
stories waiting to be discovered by you. Now you've
inspired me to work even harder to make Ascend the
best it can be. Your little sister read my book and she's
only six! I'm impressed. The youngest before her that
I knew of was 10 so now your little sister holds the
record. Both of you, keep reading.  ~ WRM

12/14/2010 6:11:05 PM
Name: nathan       Subject: character name contest       


You're entered for Matt, Nathan. Thanks. ~ WRM

12/13/2010 6:39:20 PM
Name: the unknown      Subject: character name contest      


Nala is entered. Thanks. ~ WRM

12/13/2010 6:03:10 PM
Name: Lee      Subject:  character name contest      

character name contest: Brent

I've entered Brent for you, Lee. Thank you. ~ WRM

12/13/2010 4:15:30 PM
Name: jim      Subject: charater name contest      

Rory character name contest

I have you down for Rory, Jim. Thanks! ~ WRM

12/1/2010 9:12:35 PM
Name: wes      Subject:  blog     

i just love this blog!

So do I ! ~ WRM

11/30/2010 8:31:26 PM
Name: Lex      Subject: awake      

hi, i LOVE your books. AWAKE was especially interesting because we got see more of the plot unfold (i.e. learn more about the sp. world and learn a little more about Victor...although I'm still not too sure about his motives :D) 
anyway, there was one part in AWAKE that kind of confused me and i'll ask it because I don't think there's really any spoilers in the question:
ok, in the book Victor is asked if he hates adisa, to which he replies "I'm a pure blood" or something along the lines of that. my question is, did he mean that as in since he's a pure blood and adisa's not, that's why he hates her or does he mean that since he's a pure blood, he's incapable of hate, just like he's incapable of love? that question has been nagging me...
Also, is there a place where we can ask you questions without spoiling the stories for people who just happen to read the comments on this blog? I have sooo many questions!! :)
thanks again!

I'm glad you enjoyed both ASLEEP and AWAKE. I must admit,
the two stories are very different to me and I was concerned
that readers who loved ASLEEP wouldn't  like AWAKE as much
but I've been pleasantly surprised that many readers like AWAKE
more than ASLEEP!  Regarding your question, Victor meant because
he's a pure blood, he's incapable of hate. However, the age old
question of nature vs nurture will cloud this issue more in book 3,
ASCEND so the answer isn't as clear cut as Victor believes. Great
heads up regarding "spoilers." I'll try to address that in my next blog
post. Blogging is new for me so I'm working things out as I go.
Suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Lex. ~ WRM

11/26/2010 11:47:26 PM
Name: wes      Subject:  kindle     

could i read your books on my kindle?

Hi Wes,
ASLEEP is the only book from the trilogy available on the Kindle.
However, it's available in 3 forms.
ASLEEP 1st half for the first half.
ASLEEP 2nd half for the second half.
ASLEEP for the entire story. ~ WRM

11/19/2010 9:19:23 PM
Name: Alexas      Subject:  AWAKE      

hi ms. mcnair
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your books and absolutely. cannot. wait. for the the last book!
please don't make us wait sooo long for it like you did with awake, it was PAINful haha 
young adult paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi romances are my favorite books right now and I am so glad that I can read about someone who looks like me instead of reading story after story and constantly being reminded that I'm not represented in the books everytime I read about someone's long,flowing, blonde, hair and things like that.
im rambling but i just want you to know that I am glad your books are out there because I can honestly think of only one other YA paranormal romance with a black american heroine
thanks again! bye

Hi Alexas,
I'm juggling a lot right now with my school author visits
so finding time to write is a struggle but when things
slow down, I'll devote more time to writing and hopefully
ASCEND will be out a lot sooner than AWAKE was. I'm
glad you were able to identify with Adisa. I also wish the
stunning diversity I see in reality was better represented
in popular stories. Krinkly, curly, coily girls of various
beautiful shades deserve some literary shine. From long
blonde and flowing to short dark and dynamic, there's room
for us all in the reader's imagination. Thanks Alexas. ~ WRM

11/16/2010 10:02:30 PM
Name: wesley      Subject: school      

hello u had career day in our class.so i saw your blog. i want to read your books

Thank you, Wesley. Cooper purchased several of my novels
for the school's media lab so students can check them out.
Let me know what you think.
Thanks again, Wesley. ~ WRM

11/15/2010 10:58:18 PM
Name: Virginia       Subject: Asleep      

Wow I just spent my whole day off reading Asleep and was so psyched to find out Awake is out!!
What an awesome, inspiring, uplifting story!

I'm grinning from ear to ear, Virginia. I'm always glad
to hear readers enjoy my stories especially if you used
a day off to devote to one of my novels. I hope you enjoy
AWAKE as well. Let me know.

Thanks. ~ WRM

11/7/2010 5:03:33 PM
Name: maddy         Subject: awake      

this book was so awesome, but please don't make us wait to much longer for the preview. i couldnt stand it!

Thank you, Maddy, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll try my best to
work on ASCEND everyday so I'll have a polished preview as
soon as possible. I truly do try to entertain my readers, not cause
them suffering 
Thanks for your comment. ~ WRM

11/6/2010 1:17:02 PM
Name: Chereace     Subject: Awake    

ms. mcnair, i love asleep and awake, im sure we all would very much appreciate a preview of ascend!!! :)

Hi Chereace,
I'm glad you enjoyed ASLEEP & AWAKE. You're one of my earliest
readers of AWAKE so I'm especially glad to get your feedback on it. 
Okay, I'll post a preview of ASCEND but give me until the new year.
The story is in its earliest stages and still subject to change.

If you notice, the preview of AWAKE at the back of ASLEEP was
slightly different from the final release. I'm trying to avoid that by
creating more of the story before I put out a preview.
Thanks for your comment, Chereace. ~ WRM