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November 2011: Welcome
Happy New Year 2012!

1/29/2012 8:19:27 AM

I can't believe...
another year has come and gone and January is almost over! I'm getting a slow start
on the new year and it's not waiting around for me so I better get up to speed.

I'm so excited about my trip to Africa this year so I'd like to start a countdown. Each month
I'll try to post some new point of interest I discover about Africa. As some of you already
know, I'll be traveling to Africa in August and hope I'll be able to incorporate some of my
experience into Ascend, the final book in the Asleep trilogy. This is my way of sharing my
writing experience and Africa trip with my readers.

Johannesburg is a large South African city where my African journey will begin.
We'll tour Soweto which was once home to Nelson Mendela and Bishop Desmond Tutu.
We'll also visit the Apartheid Museum. I will definitely record my experiences on film but
I also want to take time to write down my impressions so they can be incorporated  into
my stories. I'm anticipating incredible stories of heroism, love, and magic that will inspire
my writing.

Only 7 months left until my trip!

Happy New Year!