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November 2011: Welcome
Fan Fiction SPOILERS

7/2/2011 1:27:14 PM

Please be warned SPOILERS may be present in this blog post.

Fan fiction is a fun way for fans to express their personal
vision for a favorite story. Fan fiction is media created by
fans based on an original story. It usually involves written
stories but can also include images as well.

My teen told me the fan fiction she's come across is usually
about couples the fan writer wishes had occurred but didn't
actually occur in the original story. So the fan writer creates a
story in which their favorite characters become romantically

But fan fiction isn't restricted to romance. It's also used to
"fill in the gaps" of the original story. For instance, in Asleep,
Adisa's twin sisters are entering their first year of college.
However, to keep the story focused on Adisa, I only hinted
at some of the exciting college experiences they have. Fan
fiction could be a story that gives more detail about the
twins' college experience.

This month, I'm inviting you to write your own fan fiction based
on the Asleep trilogy. Here's your opportunity to write stories
about Adisa and Micah or any of the other characters. Pick a
scene from the Asleep trilogy and rewrite it the way you would've
liked it to be written. Or take a character and choose a period in
their life (past, present, or future) and write what's going on with
them. Or write from a different characters perspective. Try writing
yourself into the story as a Sp. being and interact with the
characters. Set your imagination free!

If you're more into images rather than words, draw an image
of one of the characters or a whole scene from the story and
email it to me (click for my email) and I'll post it here.

In last month's blog, I told Zara I would try to put out a long
excerpt the next time I posted one. I don't have a long excerpt
ready from Ascend yet so I'm posting a long excerpt from the
trilogy I plan on writing from Micah's perspective. A portion of
this excerpt was featured in Purple Magazine's anthology of
Black Faery/High Fantasy. I'm sharing it here as an example
of what fan fiction looks like.

So to get the ball rolling, here's an excerpt from Micah's perspective.


My name is Micah Alexander and I’m five years old. This is my first journal entry.
I’ve written many mock reports, practice, my father says, for when I begin official
training which could be any day now that I’ve manifested. But this is different. My
mother suggested I start this journal the night I manifested. She says it’s for recording
more than just facts, it’s to explore feelings, something she knows my father is
opposed to because as super beings, we’re supposed to suppress and, if possible,
eradicate our feelings.

Feelings are self-destructive weapons for super beings or Sp. beings as we refer to
ourselves. Father told of one Sp. being, Jelani, who in a vengeful fit of rage, single
handedly slaughtered a whole earthbound village because he discovered one of them
had kidnapped and murdered his son in a child sacrifice ceremony. We don’t usually
mix with earthbounds but on occasion we secure a few to aid in missions or
procreation because our population is dwindling. Even though Sp. beings usually have
only one child, Jelani’s rampage over the murder of his son, while expected in
earthbounds who are considered illogical and selfish, is unacceptable in Sp. culture.
Jelani was punished, permanently stripped of his position by the council for
jeopardizing his mission and threatening our society with detection but he was never
even reprimanded for the actual slaughter because earthbounds are not considered
equal to us.

Mother says that this journal will allow me to explore things like Jelani’s actions as well
as my own and our society’s. She knows father wouldn’t approve but she didn’t tell me
to hide it from him because I’m a Kweli, one bound by truth, so she knows I can’t lie
even if my life depended on it. The best I can do is omit. So I’ve started this journal
without father’s knowledge because I don’t want him and mother to fight. They fight a
lot and it’s usually about me.

One of their biggest fights was when I manifested, a couple months ago. They argued
over Victor, my super twin, coming to live with us. Father said it was necessary to
prepare for my training because only a Sp. twin’s counterpart can challenge him or her
to the maximum. Mother was opposed because she thinks I’m too young to begin
training. Sp. beings usually don’t manifest until they’re sixteen, the age of consent; she
argued we should at least wait until then to see if my powers would manifest.

I went outside, to get away from their angry words, feeling guilty over once again
causing conflict between them. It was night, too dark to see much except for the soft
glow from neighboring homes and fireflies flickering on the air, inviting me to chase
them in the spacious savannah. So I did, allowing the darkness to swallow me up. My
worries receded as I concentrated on the tiny lights dancing on and off always just
beyond my reach, the glow of quiet dwellings receding far behind me. One moment, I
felt the earth, unseen but solid beneath my feet, then I was walking on air!

At first I didn’t know what was happening because it was extremely dark and I
believed I’d fallen over a cliff. I panicked though I didn’t feel any falling sensations.
Then my sight came, clarifying to clear night vision. I had manifested! Flying through
the air in shock. I was terrified, unable to control my aerial path, fearing I would crash
to earth from my dizzy height. I prayed for the return of night blindness but it didn’t
come. I saw every frightening detail of my wild flight, reaching speeds that were faster
than any vehicle I’d ever been in.

Then the inevitable happened. I crashed, rolling and tumbling a long time before finally
coming to a stop, miles from home. I wasn’t hurt but it took me awhile before I realized
it. My hands desperately grabbed onto the tall grass surrounding me, trying to anchor
myself, fearing I’d lift unexpectedly into the air again. I cried while looking around my
unfamiliar surroundings, my trembling hands rattling the dry grass but I recognized
nothing. I could hear the sounds of night predators, roaming in the dark, searching for
a meal. I was alone for a long time waiting to be found, my fists numb from gripping
the grass.

My father’s jeep finally appeared in the distance. I stayed where I was, trying to stop
my tears because I knew he wouldn’t approve. He was so excited that he jumped out
of the jeep before it rolled to a complete stop, the headlights painfully bright in my face
as they lit me up. He lifted me into the air and the grass still clinched in my fists came
up at the roots with me. He swung me around, happier than I’d ever seen him. He told
me, as he’d told me many times before, that I would be a powerful Sp. being because
both he and my mother were dormant. In his enthusiasm, he nearly missed my tears.
He suddenly went still when he discovered them.

“We need to start working on your shield,” he said. “Now that you’ve manifested, these
ridiculous feelings have to go. If it wasn’t for your mother’s earthbound genes…,” but
he stopped before losing his temper over that old regret. He’d married my mother
because as a half blood, one earth bound parent and one Sp. being, she would more
likely produce more than a single offspring. But his disdain for her earthbound
peculiarities, emotions and particularly her coddling tendencies caused him on more
than one occasion to question if his sacrifice was worth it.

“Your mother and I are dormant, no super powers,” he said as he roughly dried my
tears with his shirt. “That means you will be more powerful than the average Sp. being.
You can’t be burdened with these emotions. Remember Jelani.”

After he brought me home, I waited until he left to inform the elders of my
manifestation before I went to my mother and allowed her to take me in her arms and
console me. She understood. She held my trembling body as I sobbed. She sang to
calm me, rocking, patting, and kissing my fears away. She assured me that I would
not be forced into anything, it would be my decision whether I pursued Guardian
training or not. That’s when she encouraged me to start this journal to work through my
thoughts and feelings and reach the right decision.

When father returned home from speaking to the elders, he found her holding me and
exploded. “He’s manifested now, Harriet! Do you want him to burn worse in the

“Micah will not enter the Depacitor at his age. He’s manifested but he hasn’t shown
any sign of a shield so there’s nothing to perfect.”

They raged into the night, fighting like they’d never fought before as I cowered in bed,
trying to block them out. I didn’t want my Sp. powers, they’d brought me nothing but
fear, pain, and more of my parents’ hateful words.

I had nightmares and for several days I refused to fly, my mother firmly standing in my
defense. I was a manifested Sp. being so it was my choice but the price of my
resistance was my parents battling. One day, unable to escape their most recent
clash, I pressed my hands over my ears, wishing it would go away and magically, it
did. My senses were sharper, more alert. I heard my parents still yelling but I was now
emotionally disconnected from it, buffered by my invisible shield. I was logically
analyzing everything that was going on with a clarity of thought freed of the burden of
my emotions. I started escaping into my shield whenever they fought. I informed my
father of my shield and requested time in the Depacitor over my mother’s fervent
protests. It’s one of the few times I’ve sided with my father over her but it was in hopes
that the Depacitor would erase the painful emotions their fighting dredged up in me.

My first time in the Depacitor was a horror beyond my imagination. The Depacitor is
located outdoors in the middle of our village, a large contraption that would be easily
detected by outside earthbounds if we didn’t use our advanced cloaking abilities to
hide our society from them. The cleansing burn is a public event for Sp. beings so my
suffering was on display for my entire village to view, except for my mother who
refused to leave home, claiming she had no desire to watch her child burn.

I lined up with about forty other Sp. beings going through the burning process that
would delete all of our old emotions. We were grouped in rows of ten and a single
monitor watched over each row, recording what they saw and prepared to intervene if
there was any trouble.

When the machine was activated, we were immediately consumed in flaming agony
that burned away emotions but did not damage our physical bodies. All around me,
grown men and women screamed and yelled as flames engulfed their bodies. I was
the youngest burning and the monitor for my row stood near me as if sure I would need
assistance. Torturous waves of agony robbed me of my voice rendering me incapable
of crying out. The searing pain cut through everything inside of me, reducing me to
nothing but raw shrieking nerves.

My eyes were clinched tight, blocking out my spectators and it seemed the torment
went on forever but gradually the pain decreased and I was able to open my eyes.
Many Sp. beings were on the ground, still writhing in agony while others, like me, were
slowly released from our suffering as the last of our emotions burned away. After it
was over, I felt numb inside, empty, stripped of every care. After the horrible agony, it
was a relief not to feel even though I knew it was only temporary. Unfortunately, it
would take years before my emotions were burned away permanently, a mandatory
requirement to becoming a Guardian. So I would have many more cleansing burns to
endure if I decided to train for Guardian.

After the Depacitor, I still refused to fly. Father’s anger didn’t bother me as much as it
had before because my shield was far more effective after my time in the Depacitor.
One day, he brought Jericho home with him. She’d manifested a few years before at
the age of consent and she was a Ruka, a flyer, like me. All it took was watching her
streak across the sky a few times before I was impatient to give it another try.

Jericho took me up with her, holding me in her arms and gradually taught me the
fundamentals of flight. I enjoyed it so much that I learned quickly, discovering it wasn’t
scary at all once I knew how to control it.

Flying gave me a thrilling sense of freedom; I defied gravity itself and escaped the
oppressive arguing of my mother and father. It enabled me to see more of my world
from an elevated view, the savannah in all its splendor spread out beneath me. I was
careful to keep myself concealed when I was in earthbound territory as my curiosity
took me further and further from home. Soon, I’d explored the entire continent of Africa
and wondered what it would be like to cross the vast body of water and explore the
Americas; my true home though I barely remember it. But even father forbade that,
expressing rare concern for my well being.

Victor came during this time. He was delivered by a Guardian who flew so fast the G
force would’ve killed Victor if he hadn’t been wrapped in a quilt altered with special
material that protected him. Initially, our interaction was awkward and shy but we soon
became great friends, inseparable in play and mischief. We also fought, each other
and each other’s battles. Like when the kids on our compound teased Victor after they
discovered he was baseborn. Just because he was conceived during a forced
manifestation gave them no right to torment my twin. Due to my manifestation, I easily
overpowered them, sometimes holding them down so Victor could exact his own
personal revenge.

Victor has never been jealous of my superpower. He treats it like his own personal
source of power, grabbing onto my ankles and hitching a ride when I fly low to the
ground. And he talks about how his power will be better than mine when he manifests
because he’s a pure blood, only Sp. beings in his lineage. For the first time in a long
time, things are good at home. Mother likes Victor because he’s turned out to be a
great playmate for me. She interrupted one of our frequent wrestling matches to take
pictures of us. We posed for her, our arms, only moments before locked in strangle
holds on the other’s neck, were now casually draped around each other, as we
grinned up at the camera.

Father likes Victor because he sees I’m improving quicker now that he’s living with us.
He thinks I’ll be able to make Guardian in record time if I consent to being officially
trained. My indecision doesn’t stop him from training me himself. He’s very proud of
me which makes this time with him the best that I’ve ever had.

I like Victor because he’s fun and my mother and father don’t fight as much since he’s
come to live with us. Mother pointed out that Victor is changing me inside but she
won’t elaborate on how. I think she means I act more like an earthbound when I’m
around him. Father says Victor is bringing out my competitive side, pushing me
beyond my limits. I believe Victor is the glue that holds us together and I am grateful to
him because of it. For the first time, we’ve found something we all like and it’s Victor,
my supertwin, my brother.

Today, father told Victor and me about Adisa, a three year old earthbound girl
abandoned in a cotton field in America. Father received a communication from his
super twin, Cyrus, who’s been running from the authorities since he severed with the
Sp. world to marry an earthbound woman. Trackers finally located him on the
American continent but Cyrus somehow eluded them though he had to leave the
mystery girl behind. It was curious how father gave us a detailed accounting of the girl
and the coordinates to her exact location and Cyrus’ instructions on what should be
done for her. Father said she could die if left out there alone but the last thing he told
us before he left was not to go after her.

This was confusing because if he didn’t want us to go after her, why did he tell us
about her at all? If he truly didn’t want me to go, all he had to do was take my oath not
to go and as a Kweli, I would be compelled to obey. Victor and I discussed it and
concluded my father wants me to go but due to the awkward position he’s in, he can’t
order me directly. Having a rogue twin the Sp. leadership has diligently pursued for
years with no success has put my father under suspicion. He didn’t give me a direct
order but he has given me a mission; not an official one but certainly my first one:
save Adisa.

Victor hasn’t manifested so my father was speaking specifically to me. His sense of
duty to his twin has overridden his rare concern over my safety and he wants me to
cross the Atlantic alone to search for Adisa without raising suspicions. Or maybe it’s
simply a test to see if I’m capable of all he’s been desperately hoping for all these
years since he discovered he was dormant.

This mission is dangerous and I might not survive. Victor told my mother everything
because it was too difficult for me to tell her. After her initial reservations, she quickly
told me how to care for an earthbound child, suggesting I put my shield down when in
her presence so I wouldn’t accidentally harm her by handling her too roughly. She also
instructed me to use the same calming techniques she’s used on me all my life. She
then cautioned that Adisa might be frightened if she saw me fly since earthbounds
don’t fly without the aid of machines. Then my mother silently stared at me, her
expressive face communicating things I didn’t fully understand.

“Your father is walking a narrow path. This girl may be Cyrus’ daughter,” she said,
startling me with this revelation. “I’m sure your father suspects as well and that’s why
he’s taking these extraordinary measures. It’s too dangerous to bring her here so you
must watch over her until the Summers come for her as Cyrus instructed. Is that

I nodded, my head too full of questions to actually ask any. She smiled at me, a sad
broken smile full of hope. “This will be a life changing experience for you, Micah,” she
said. “By saving this child, you may very well save yourself.”

She shifted, using her body to block Victor’s view of what she did next. She quickly
brushed a light kiss against my cheek.

“I love you,” she whispered the shameful words so Victor wouldn’t hear.

Embarrassed, I quickly glanced at Victor and for the first time I saw envy in his eyes. I
was relieved my father was nowhere in sight. Mother sent Victor to retrieve his altered
quilt to wrap around Adisa to protect her from the elements then she left to pack up
food and water for the mystery girl.

While they collect these items, I’m writing this first journal entry, moments before my
very first mission. My mind is filled with apprehension but my heart is racing in
anticipation of finally crossing the sea. I don’t know exactly what awaits me in
America, I’ve never been among earthbounds outside our village without Sp.
supervision so I’ll have to stay hidden from them because I’m unfamiliar with their

I’m very curious about the young earthbound, Adisa. If she really is the daughter of
Cyrus and his earthbound wife, then she is a Sp. being because any drop of Sp blood
in your lineage makes you a Sp. being, possessing the possibility to someday

Maybe in an effort to protect her Cyrus said she was earthbound to hide the fact that
she’s his daughter. Or maybe she really is just an earthbound. Either way, I can’t wait
to meet her. I’ll write up a report of my mission for father after I’ve completed it but it’ll
never be filed in the official Sp. records. This is a secret mission.

I pray I am worthy and prepared to face whatever is waiting for me across the ocean. I
remember the night I first manifested and how frightening it was even though I knew
what was going on. How much more afraid must Adisa be, younger and an
earthbound, incapable of understanding why she was abandoned. By saving her, I
may ease the residual pain of my frightening experience and stop the nightmares.
Maybe that’s what mother was referring to when she spoke of saving myself.

My mother and Victor are coming. They will give me what they’ve collected then
mother will pray over me before hugging and kissing me and wishing me a safe trip.
I’ll put my shield up and get a running start, smoothly leaving the ground in flight. I’ll turn
west toward the Atlantic, increasing my speed until I’m moving faster than I’ve ever
flown. Adisa needs me and on some instinctual level, I know I need her as well.


Let me know what you think and post your stories in the
comments below. I would love to hear your voice and glimpse
into your imagined world for these characters so don't be shy
I'm looking forward to your creations.


8/1/2011 3:46:18 PM
Name:  Alexis     Subject: Entry      

I must first start off by saying I am a fan fiction writer. I like how you want to post some writing on here about Asleep. I will do that, but once i have gone over the story again, and can find (if any) thing that I would like to write on..so that should be coming soon. Now on to this entry. You and your daughter are both right when it comes to fan fiction. The sites that I tend to post my stories on, are mostly about Chris Brown. So sometimes its not just about people on a book, but it can really be about anyone. I love the entry from Micah. I think it gave me a new look on how things were really for him in the beginning. I think that this entry is one of your best..and even the great part about that is it doesnt even have an entry from Ascend. Thank you for this post, and I cant wait for your next!

Excellent, Alexis! I look forward to your story.
I didn't realize fan fiction went beyond books
so thank you for that information. I'm glad
you think the Micah entry is one of my best
because I've been curious to know what
readers would think of his story. ~ WRM

7/29/2011 9:49:39 PM
Name:  S     Subject: Great      

I love how I can hear how young Micah is! great!

Thank you, S. Balancing Micah's young voice
with the fact that as a Sp. being he's more
advanced than earthbounds was tricky. ~ WRM

7/25/2011 11:19:25 AM
Name: kwaterystegna      Subject:  SUBJ1     

I like to read your content

Thank you, Kwaterystegna. ~ WRM

7/17/2011 6:33:13 AM
Name: Yulwei      Subject:  Excerpt     

Wow, that was absolutely brilliant. As for fanfiction there aren't really any gaping holes in your story in which one can insert their own stories but even if there were I'm not skilled enough a writer to even attempt to mimic your style or the level of your writing.

I'm also with AF about your series being somewhat like Twilight. I've recommended it to people as X-men meets Twilight with just a smidge of Harry Potter

Yulwei, I'm grinning from ear to ear over your post.
Thank you for the high praise. I know there are some
storytellers out there but I guess you guys are shy.
No worries. I'll keep sharing my stories. ~ WRM

7/5/2011 3:00:13 PM
Name:  AF     Subject: Feedback       

I think this journal entry is fantastic! This trilogy reminds of a black Twilight. I do not mean any offense in suggesting the comparison. There are so many ways in which encountering the Asleep trilogy makes me feel culturally affirmed without sacrificing my interests in narratives rooted in the supernatural. I think this entry in terrific!

Thank you, AF. And I take absolutely no offense
in being compared to a mega-hit like Twilight. I'm
even more honored that you feel culturally affirmed
in this supernatural story.
Thanks for your affirmations!~ WRM