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November 2011: Welcome
Happy New Year!

1/1/2011 7:39:07 AM

Today is a day of reckoning; the day I told Chereace and Maddy
that I would post an excerpt from ASCEND, book 3 of the Asleep trilogy.
The excerpt is posted!... but it's not what you're probably expecting.
I hope you like it better than a traditional post. It's a post from one of
the characters in book 3. She's a new character assisting Adisa to
care for her natural.

For those of you who may not know, women of African descent refer to their
hair as natural when chemicals are not used to straighten it. In chapter 1 of
ASLEEP Adisa briefly told how she transitioned to natural hair over the summer.
Now, after her looooong stint in Kubanza [AWAKE, book 2], Adisa needs help
handling her overgrown natural and she seeks the help of a Youtube natural
hair guru, Clumsy CurlZ.

Well, I thought it would be fun for readers if I brought Clumsy CurlZ to life on
Youtube so that they could see her in action for themselves as she is described
in the book, giving real advice and demonstrations on caring for natural hair.
Clumsy CurlZ has a Youtube channel and she will post video demonstrations
of herself caring for her natural hair. In some of her videos, excerpts from the
trilogy will be given so watch for those and post here when you recognize she's
referencing the trilogy.

Instead of being a passive audience, you'll be able to interact directly with
Clumsy CurlZ. She will respond to your comments and answer your questions
on her Youtube channel so don't be shy about engaging her by posting
written or video comments, questions, or responses. However, Clumsy CurlZ
will ALWAYS remain in character on her channel so if you recognize who
she really is and address her by her real name, she won't recognize or
respond to your comments or questions. You have to interact with her as
if she's a real natural hair care guru. If you've ever heard of experimental
theatre or Tony n' Tina's Wedding in which the audience participates in
the play, you'll understand what the Clumsy CurlZ Youtube channel is about.

If you have any questions about the Clumsy CurlZ channel or if you find
it confusing, post your questions here and I'll address them because
Clumsy CurlZ won't; she'll always be in character on her channel.
I created this as a bit of fun for readers and I hope you enjoy it.
It's a little unconventional but this is a new year and it's a great time
to break convention ;o ]
I'm anxiously anticipating your reaction so 
CLICK THIS and let me know
if you recognize the actress portraying Clumsy CurlZ.

To God for allowing me to see another year!

Clumsy CurlZ Youtube channel launch of course!  
Click This

Nothing scheduled for 2011 yet but several dates pending so stay tuned.


NOTE: Congratulations to Oprah on the launch of OWN! Thank you for
inspiring and challenging me to keep taking it to the next level. Higher & Higher!


3/22/2011 2:42:27 PM
Name: KelseyC      Subject:  Acsend book 3     

Do you know about when Acsend will be publshed? I'm looking forward to reading it!! :)

Hi KelseyC,
I'm shooting for a release of Ascend by the
end of this year. If I don't make it, it will
definitely be out some time in 2012.
An Ascend excerpt is coming VERY
soon so check back. ~ WRM