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November 2011: Welcome
Back to School

8/2/2011 9:09:10 AM

I can't believe it's that time again. Time to
set aside summer fun and return to the hallowed halls of education. If you assume I'm referring
to students and educators, your assumption is wrong. I'm speaking about PARENTS.

Parents cannot simply send their children to school and expect the educators to do all the work
by themselves. Parents must have a presence in school; whether it's active participation through
volunteering or simply sitting in class to see what's being taught and to glimpse the world in which
your child spends the majority of his or her day.

We have to show teachers that we support them and demonstrate to our children that education
is top priority. The best way to demonstrate both is to show up on campus. How do I know?
Because I've viewed it from both sides, as a student and as an educator. I've been an assistant
teacher, substitute teacher, and volunteer in public schools in Texas, Missouri, Massachusetts,
and Georgia. From my experience, class performance is at its highest when parents are involved
in supportive roles.

I've seen student behavior transform for the better when a parent is present and not just
the parent's child but other students as well. Students become more focused on their lessons
when they know another pair of adult eyes are on them. In addition, student attendance will be
better because if the parent is in class then the student is in class. Attendance problems can
be addressed which is beneficial in two ways; it improves school ratings because attendance
is factored into school ratings and it also improves student performance because when students
are present, they can learn.

Students, I'm not letting you off the hook. You have to do the work. Do what it takes to move
yourself closer to a life of independence and choice. That is the gift that education gives, the
ability to CHOOSE what you want to do instead of settling for work nobody wants or for pay
that won't address all your needs let alone desires. 

Notice this blog addresses parents far more than students. That's because I know when it
comes to education, where the parent leads the child follows. So please, as school begins,
join your children as they return to school. You'll be amazed at the impact your presence will
have and at the positive difference in your child and the children around them. If you want to
see positive change in education, YOU have to go back to school with your child. 

Now, as I promised Zara in my June blog, "Farewell to O," I've posted a long excerpt from Ascend.
It's actually the first chapter of Ascend. In this opening scene I'm trying to re-establish the bond
between Adisa and Micah because as you know in Awake, Adisa and Micah were... well, I don't
want to spoil it for those who haven't read it yet so I'll just say Ascend picks up where Awake ends.

Students, parents, and educators, if you have comments or questions about education, please
feel free to post them down below. What can be done to improve learning and support educators
and students?  I want this to be a resource for readers seeking ways to help improve education.
Best of luck to all returning students, educators, and parents.


11/7/2011 10:35:05 PM
Name: Alexis      Subject:  Im back     

So I have been off the map for a second with your blogs,(life has really shown what a blessing it can be. After my last post comment with this blog, I had found out that I was 8 months pregnant, so i had to get everything ready for my surprising new bundle of joy. I am happy to say that I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy on September 26 and I could not be happier) So with that, I am back in full swing. I have not read the full chapter yet, and thank by the way for it. I will post my response for that in the next blog.
Im happy to be back :-)

Congratulations! and welcome back, Alexis. I am so happy
for you. I envision you going out on a beautiful clear night
and holding your child up to the vast expanse of a star filled
sky and declaring, "Behold, the only thing greater than yourself."
click here to view this Roots reference)
Blessings to you and your family, especially your newborn son. ~ WRM

9/28/2011 8:41:08 PM
Name: liliy      Subject:  chereace     

I love love your books i jist love them so much i only have one excerpt when r u going to pblish asccend lov your bigist fan liliy

Liliy, your post made me smile. I'm still hoping to release
Ascend by the end of this year but if I don't make it, it will
definitely be out in 2012. Thank you for your post. ~ WRM

8/3/2011 12:37:21 AM
Name: Chereace      Subject: THANK YOU      

love love looove the new excerpt!! im so excited for the book now, it's ridiculous!!!

LOL! Thanks, Chereace. I'm working hard
to make Ascend the best since it's the last
one in the trilogy. ~ WRM