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Archives: Calendar 2009-2011
Archives: Calendar 2009-2011


The Monroe Sisters: Natural Hair ATLANTA Meet-Up 2011
Thur, April 28, 2011
Thank you Ms. Vaughn & Meechy Monroe for including me in this event. You were both gracious and professional as you faced a series of challenges threatening the event. So bravo on pulling it off successfully. Clumsy CurlZ may share some of her event photos with viewers.

Ms. Vaughn, me, & Meechy Monroe

Big Sis Monroe & me

Black Star Educational Institute
Wed, March 16, 2011
The Author & Book Binding Presentation
was excellent! I enjoyed rolling out the first excerpt from Ascend, book 3 of my trilogy andJerushia Graham's interactive book binding presentation was fun and educational. Thank you, Black Star, for a phenomenal time.

The Avenue East Cobb Shopping Center
4475 Roswell Road
I signed copies of my fantasy trilogy as great Valentines Day gifts for a loved one and to honor Black History Month.
02/12/11 Thanks to John and the Borders team for your outstanding support. Readers, thanks for dropping by and I look forward to your reviews.
02/06/11 Thanks again to the incredible staff at Borders for setting up my book signing and helping it run smoothly. Enjoy the books readers!

02/15/11 Tue Northview High School
Date TBA - Redan High School
Date TBA - Haynes Bridge Middle School
03/26/11 - Black Star Educational Institute
Welcome back students and teachers!
I'm scheduling author visits for the Spring school session; CLICK HERE for more information. Ask me about the special I'm running for Black History Month.
Press Release
02/15/11 The students and faculty at Northview High are outstanding! Thank you for allowing me to celebrate Black History with you and remember Asleep and Awake are available in your media center.
02/04/11 Thank you to the amazing faculty and students at Barber Middle School. I enjoyed celebrating Black History Month with you and I can't wait to hear your comments on Asleep and Awake. Enjoy your books!

BORDERS 3 Book Signing Dates!
Sun., December 5, 2010 @ 2 pm
Sat., December 11, 2010 @ 6 pm
Thur., December 23, 2010 @ 7pm 

The Avenue East Cobb (shopping center)
4475 Roswell Road
Thank you to the Borders staff for featuring me in December and thank you to all the readers who came out and purchased copies of my work. Enjoy the stories. Happy Holidays!

I admire educators and the incredible job they do for our students. So I felt privileged for the opportunity to briefly step into their role and share my knowledge of writing, publishing, and graphic design with their students on the following dates:
12/20/10 I had a great time speaking with the Independence High School book club. Your questions were as revealing as my answers and will make me a better story teller. Thank you for the pizza and the engaging conversation. 
12/17/10 Thank you, Mabry, for giving me my biggest challenge to date. Over 300 students strong! It was one of the highlights of my career I'll always remember.
12/09/10 Thanks to the incredible media team at Cooper Middle School for filming me reading excerpts from ASLEEP & AWAKE. Students, I hope you enjoy it.
12/03/10 Thank you Harrison High School students, I enjoyed sharing my literary experiences with you.

12/02/10 Thank you for a wonderful time, Black Star. Keep shining bright!

SWAC Youth Book Fair
Sat, December 11, 2010 @ 1pm
Southwest Arts Center
915 New Hope Rd. SW
I'm proud to have participated in the first SWAC Youth Book Fair! I look forward to watching this new literary event grow.

Jubilee of Reading: Children's Book Conf.
Sat, Dec. 11, 2010 @ 10:30am
Scott Candler Library
2644 McAfee Road
I had an amazing time celebrating the 2nd Annual Jubilee of Reading Conference for Children and Families. Sponsors invite you to "Enjoy storytellers, authors and lunch on us!"

Jubilee of Reading Book Club Conference
Sat, December 4, 2010 @ 10am
Wesley Chapel-William C. Brown Library
2861 Wesley Chapel Rd.
I was able to close out the 10th annual Jubilee of Reading Book Club Conference and I thank all my angels for their help.

Cooper Middle School 
Tue, November 16, 2010
Career Day: What an incredible group of students! And the faculty and staff, outstanding! Thank you all for welcoming me to your Career Day. I've never seen a format like this and I'm honored to have been included in this inaugural event. I hope to make it my annual must attend event! (See you on the 9th.)

Sandy Springs Branch Library
The Atlanta Science Fiction Society
Sat., November 13, 2010, @ 3:30 pm
395 Mount Vernon Hwy NE
Absolutely phenomenal event! I had an amazing time with the ASFS. I can't wait for your feedback on ASLEEP & AWAKE. Thank you all for a great time, a cool T-shirt, and the Destination: DAW book. If you're a fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy, check out the Atlanta Science Fiction Society, they're out of this world ;)

Charis Books and More Book Signing
Sat., November 6, 2010 @ 12 noon
1189 Euclid Ave.
Happy Birthday Charis! 36 years and still going strong. Thank you for allowing me to take part in your celebration. I had a marvelous time.

Urban Grind
Book Signing
Sat., October 30, 2010 @ 6pm
962 Marietta St.
Thank you to the staff of Urban Grind for your support and for all of you who came out to my signing. What a wonderful audience!
Poetry Night - Open Mic
Thur., October 28, 2010 @ 7pm
What an incredible group of talented people! I had a great time and I'm glad I was able to read the two Haiku poems from my new release AWAKE.

Literary Day
Saturday, September 18, 2010
Wesley Chapel-William C. Brown Branch
2861 Wesley Chapel Road
DECATUR, Georgia
What a phenomenal celebration! Thank you Mia for including me and the staff of Wesley Chapel for your assistance. It was great meeting all the young readers and thank you to those who purchased ASLEEP. Enjoy the story and remember to contact me with your comments.

September 2-5, 2010
404-730-4001 ext. 303

It was a great celebration of fantasy and science fiction stories inspired by subjects of African descent. This four day event featured talented authors, professor, and filmmaker focused on Speculative Fiction.
THURSDAY 6:30p-8:30p 
Hammonds House Museum
503 Peeples Street
FRIDAY 6:30p-9p
Auburn Avenue Research Library
101 Auburn Ave NE
404-730-4001 ext. 303
Auburn Avenue Research Library
101 Auburn Ave NE
404-730-4001 ext. 303
For a sneak peek at the BSFS anthology, clickGENESIS.

August 13-14, 2010
Southwest Arts Center
If you're interested in comic books, graphic novels, video games, scifi/fantasy novels, and animation, then this was the place for you. ONYXCON was PHENOMENAL!
Missed it? Click Here

Atlanta Quilt Show Book Fair
August 5, 2010
South Fulton Arts Center
Thank you O. V. Brantley for including me in this event and thanks to you too, Dilsa Bailey, for referring me.

National Book Club Conference
July 30-August 1, 2010
Hyatt Regency Atlanta
It's that time again, time to celebrate the written word with people who know how to do it right, Book Clubs! I've been anticipating this event all year and hope you can join in the celebration. See you there!

Chocolate Social
Black Pearls Magazine & EDC Creations
July 29, 2010 (Thur. 7p-11p)
Hyatt Regency Atlanta
I'm looking forward to celebrating the launch of another great weekend of Literary immersion with book lovers and many of the authors and book clubs pouring into Atlanta for the NBCC. Direct quote from event sponsors, "We have door prizes for the first 50 people!" So don't be late.

Written Magazine
Lorraine Hansberry Young and Gifted Writers and Readers Conference
July 17, 2010 (Sat. 9a-4p)
Auburn Avenue Research Library
I was honored to present at the National Black Arts Festival's teen writers and readers conference. I enjoyed speaking to all of you young writers and I encourage you to continue pursuing your literary dreams.

Spring Local Authors Forum
May 16, 2010 (Sun. 2p-5p)
2861 Wesley Chapel Rd.
Drop by and meet the local authors. I'll be signing copies of ASLEEP and you can sign up to win a free copy of AWAKE.

Book Signing & Festival
May 8, 2010 (Sat. 4p-6p)
101 Auburn Ave. NE
I had a great time sign the Auburn Avenue Library during the Sweet Auburn Festival. It's an outdoor event featuring music, food, and family friendly activities in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s childhood neighborhood.

SCHOOL EVENTS: Thank you to the students and staff at Independence High and Daniell Middle schools for making my visit a wonderful success. I wish you all the best in your writing endeavors.

BORDERS Book Signing
February 13, 2010 (Sat. 1p-4p)
The Avenue East Cobb (shopping center)
4475 Roswell Road
Thanks again to the wonderful staff at Borders. And my appreciation to the readers, we sold out all the copies Borders had stocked! Check back, they should be getting another order in and they can always order it on request.

Urban Grind Book Signing
February 6, 2010 (Sat. 2p)
962 Marietta St.
Thank you Cassandra and Tracye for making my signing at the Urban Grind a fun experience. Thank you to those who came by my table, I enjoyed speaking with you.

BORDERS Book Signing
January 30, 2010 (Sat. 1p-4p)
Parkway Pointe
3101 Cobb Parkway
Thank you to Fran and the staff at Borders, for making my book signing a success. My deep appreciation to those who dropped by my table. I hope you all enjoy ASLEEP.

BORDERS Book Signing
December 5, 2009 (Sat. 1p-4p)
605 Ernest W. Barrett Pkwy NW
Thank you to the Borders staff for your support. And as always, my appreciation and thanks to the custormers who stopped by my table. Hope you're enjoying ASLEEP!

BORDERS Book Signing
October 17, 2009 (Sat. 12noon-4p)

The Avenue East Cobb (shopping center)
4475 Roswell Road

Congratulations to KATHY, for winning a copy of book 2, AWAKE!
Thank you, John, and the friendly Borders staff, I appreciate all of your assistance. Thank you to the customers who dropped by my table, as always, your support is much appreciated.

September 5, 2009 (Saturday at 8p)
Downtown Decatur Square
Decatur, GA
Thank you, Gail, for featuring me and my work. Thank you to my gracious audience as well. I enjoyed our time together and appreciate you taking the time to stop in, listen, and buy my novels. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Decatur Book Festival

September 5-6, 2009
Saturday, September 5th 11:40a-12noon Book Signing @ Emerging Authors Pavilion
What an incredible experience. The festival was wall to wall book lovers. Thanks to all for buying ASLEEP and a special thank you to Cindy Elsberry and all the volunteers at the festival for your hard work. Great job! See you next year.

National Book Club Conference
July 31-August 2, 2009
The NBCC was absolutely phenomenal. Thanks to Curtis Bunn and his supporters, it was an affair to remember. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and look forward to participating again next year.

National Black Book Festival
May 16-17, 2009
The NBBF was a great experience. Thank you to all who dropped by to talk and especially to those who purchased my book. A special thank you to NBBF National Coordinator, Gwen Richardson, for her phenomenal efforts on behalf of all the authors.