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SPOILER ALERT: Following are questions to aid group discussions of ASLEEP. The questions may reveal elements of the plot and give parts of the storyline away.

1.       How does Adisa’s obedience to her parents change as the story progresses? Use excerpts from the beginning and end of the story to support your position.

2.       Give examples of when Adisa appears to be perceptive and compare them to the times she seems to be completely clueless. Does this duality make her a more or less believable character?

3.       In Chapter 3, Chased by an Angel, how does the author’s language indicate the significance of Adisa and Micah’s encounter in the woods?

4.       Discuss the pros and cons of all the advice Adisa’s sisters gave her as they prepared her for the Bartlett dance in Chapter 4, Lessons in Seduction.

5.       Do you think Adisa was mature or immature when she decided not to kiss Avery at the end of the Bartlett dance? Why or why not? Discuss how your peers would judge you if you were in the same situation.

6.       How did Adisa’s relationship with her family change after her bus accident? Use before and after examples to prove your point.

7.       Discuss key scenes in the story that track Micah’s progress from being robot like to being more natural and how those scenes indicate where he’s at in his progression. How does this process parallel the real life journey to self awareness?

8.       Discuss the symbolism of the mountain in the story. Kennesaw Mountain was a major battle site during the Civil War. How does this knowledge add to or detract from the mountain’s significance?

9.       Adisa and Avery have different reactions to Liz after they learn of her father’s views on interracial dating. Who’s side do you identify with more and why?

10.   In what significant ways does Adisa mature during Micah’s abandonment? Discuss whether or not the ordeal was a positive or negative experience for the couple and why. What’s the significance of Adisa learning her true identity during this time?

11.   Adisa’s discovery that Micah can fly is a pivotal point in the story. Was her reaction to this revelation believable to you? Do you think Adisa was abusive when she kicked Micah out of her window? Would your opinion change if it was Micah who kicked Adisa? Why or why not?

12.   When Micah finally began revealing some of the secrets of the super world, what were some of the most surprising revelations to you? Why?

13.   At his core, do you think Victor is more villain or hero? Explain why. Do you think it’s acceptable to do something bad to achieve a greater good? Explain why.

14.   Forgiveness is a theme repeatedly visited in this story. Discuss the significance of forgiveness in the relationships between: Adisa and her sisters, Adisa and Liz, Adisa and Micah, Micah and Victor, Micah and his dad, and any others you find.

15.   What’s the significance of Micah burning for Adisa? Do you think this makes him heroic or a fool for suffering voluntarily? Why? Give examples of how you’ve suffered to achieve your goals and whether or not they were worth burning for.

16.   What did you think of the ending of the story? Do you think the story would have been better/stronger if this revelation was made sooner? Why or why not?


Don’t forget to check back for news on book 2 of this trilogy, Awake.